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Family Law

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders assist in keeping both you and your spouse from becoming enmeshed in emotional and/or physical altercations that will complicate life now and in the future.


In the event that a marriage is legally defective, the court may find that there was no legal marriage consummated. 

Division of Property

Dividing community and separate property can become complicated. The division of these assets is important for the present but also for your future financial planning.

Dissolution of Marriage

A dissolution of marriage is difficult and can be a long process. Our effort can help resolve legal difficulties while protecting your rights as well as being cost efficient. If you have children, we analyze the financial needs and rights to help determine the proper child support level for your specific situation.

Mediation and/ or Litigation

Areas of Family Law that will assist resolving spousal support, child custody, and dissolution issues.

Child Custody

One of the most difficult areas of the Family Law resolution. We will help provide the support you need through this process.

Pre-Marital and Post Marital Agreements

The State of California allows for agreements to be reached before or after marriage to alter the community or separate property rules and spousal support obligations by private agreement. This would also include inheritance rights.

Legal Separation

In the event you wish to continue to be married, a legal separation can be granted by the court and all property, support, and custody rights can be resolved without the entry of a final divorce.

Spousal and Child Support

The analysis of spousal support rights is important to help promote transition from married to single life.

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